Saturday, November 7th, your  Irvington Education Association provided groceries to 100 Irvington families. Lauren Greenfield IEA Treasurer and  Pride Chairperson coordinated this truly worthwhile event.  Each family received a whole chicken, a dozen eggs, pasta and the fixins for a complete meal. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls were also in the grocery bags, with a little help or a discount from the Village Shoprite in Newark.  Garden perfect, collards, sweet potatoes, onions, broccoli, parsley, carrots and peppers were greatly appreciated and a very full cornucopia of seasonal vegetables given to us at a great discount by  RJ Laurino Farms.  Additionally families got an IEA logo canvas tote for future shopping to promote a “green” agenda in our town! Kudos for all the careful planning that went into this event and prayers for health for all the families that signed up and others that came by and were happily surprised that they could get a portion.