Membership – Terrance Henry, Chair

  • The Membership Committee oversees membership rosters and checks that all contact information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • E-mail membership concerns to the IEA Office.
  • Member Benefits:
      1. NJEA Member Benefits
      2. Web Giveaway
      3. NJEA-Sponsored Disability Insurance
      4. ACCESS Discounts
      5. 1-800-Flowers
  • Negotiations – Michael Byock, Chair

Negotiations will begin again in the 2023/24 school year!


  • Grievance – Shirley Henry, Chair

    • Identifies contract violations and represents members.
    • Level I Grievance form
    • Classroom Observation form
    • Lesson Plan form

Board-Staff Relations – Sharon Stringer, Chair

    • Keep abreast of legislation that affects public education.
    • Promotes letter-writing campaigns.
    • Become a cyber-lobbyist and a watchdog for public education, and teacher/secretary benefits.
  • PRIDE/FAST – Lauren Greenfield, Chair

    • Linda Battle Co-Chairperson
    • Promote PRIDE events in your school! 
    • Members have access to apply to host events within there schools!  Ask your Rep if you are interested.
  • Professional Development

  • Election – Lucy O’toole, Chair

  • Legislative Action – Nickarson Paul, Chair

  • Health and Safety – Kelly Harter 

    • The Health and Safety Committee seeks to identify any building issues that affects the health and safety of the children, our members, other employees and the public.  We work with the Irvington BOE to resolve identified issues.
    • Email Joe Romano if you are interested in joining or have any issue that needs to be addressed