We Are the IEA!


The Irvington Education Association is a professional education affiliate of the NEA/NJEA. We represent over 700 professional educators and support staff employed by the Irvington Public School District. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of educational services to the students and their families in Irvington, New Jersey. Doing extra makes the difference in our students’ lives!

This is our new website and we hope that you will visit it often to learn about the many areas that we will be posting here for your information.

Remember, knowledge is power!

President’s Message

IEA Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance, uphold, and protect our association’s and our members’ rights, interests, and beliefs by providing:

  • Assistance to our members,
  • Negotiations and the upholding of our contract,
  • Coordination of professional development opportunities,
  • Our students with educational, athletic, and creative opportunities,
  • A link between our community and members,
  • An optimal environment for success, one that is a safe and healthy work environment,
  • Representation to the community regarding our responsibility to its children.